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insecurity will destroy you

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TOHEART for InStyle~

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T o h e a r t 

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toheart · woohyun + key
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Toheart ( WooHyun + Key ) Prologue 
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910208 :: Happy Birthday to our cutest and adorable king of hearts, Nam Woohyun. I love you ヽ(;▽;)ノ ♥ 

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a greaseball everywhere

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Happy birthday, Nam Woohyun!

{910208} → 8 things that describe you

I have so many things to say, since you’re my second bias and well ‘
bias’ isn’t even an appropriate term, it’s an understatement. So I felt like writing down some of my thoughts for your birthday. I love you for being

Charming; I mean who doesn’t. You have that way of looking into someone’s eyes, when performing or simply when talking, graceful moves and a sharp, beautiful face.

Funny; Yes, some of your jokes might be really lame, don’t let me get started on the ones you post on twitter. But sometimes you make me crack up laughing, maybe it’s because of the sheer common-sense of the joke, or the fact that it’s not even supposed to be a joke.

Glamorous; Remember those dark airport days when you matched polka dot hat with peruvian backpack and pop-art denim shirt. Those days seem to have faded away because the Nam Woohyun I know now has an excellent fashion sense and whenever I see him I feel the urge of throwing him on a runway. Not to mention the posh, movie-like carelessness.

Dance-Machine; At first I thought of writing this ironically, but you know what? Getting past the mistakes that you’re always so worried about and we can see that you’re working hard to improve, and also over the fact that since we’re talking about Infinite probably everyone is a dance-machine, there isn’t enough virtual space in a tumblr gif to show even half of the times you randomly started freestyle dancing and it was actually really good.

"Modest"; The quotation marks are there for a reason. Not that someone like you should feel self-conscious, and I agree with everything you brag about, but sometimes it’s ridiculous. Let’s just call it confidence though.

Passionate; Whenever you sing, it feels as if you sing your heart out and give your best, especially when it comes to slow songs. The warmth of your voice gives me shivers and it feels like you’re truly living the song.

Powerful; I didn’t expect any less from the main vocal of Infinite. While working hard to do all those dynamic dance moves, I can’t think of a time when your voice cracked. At times it’s probably even a tiny bit more challenging for you than for the other members, but you still nail every single line.

Dedicated; This is probably the most relevant way to describe you, and you are one of the most dedicated people I’ve seen in my life. You clearly enjoy what you’re doing and give your best to make Inspirits happy. It’s too bad that some people only see the ‘hearts’ and not the unconditional dedication you ooze.

So thank you for being all these things. Thank you for being Nam Woohyun.

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